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OACF Receives Grant from The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma

By June 17, 2020News

The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma has generously granted $25,000 to the Oklahoma Autism Center Foundation (OACF). This gift will help our organization to provide outreach, education, and resource connections to children and families living in rural Oklahoma.  OACF’s mission is to improve the quality of life for Oklahomans with autism spectrum disorder and their families through advocacy, awareness, and support for the Oklahoma Autism Center. 

“We are incredibly grateful to the Masonic Charitable Foundation of Oklahoma for their recognition of our work and support of our mission,” said Emily Scott, Executive Director of OACF. “Their gift will allow children and families to gain access to critical information on the importance of early screenings, early intervention, and connecting with knowledgeable service providers in their local communities.” 

“The assistance and support provided to families, healthcare providers, and educators by the Oklahoma Autism Center is inspiring,” said John Logan, Executive Director of the Masonic Charity Foundation. “We believe that there is a need in our community for such incredible programming and that all children should receive the supports they need to reach their fullest potential.”

Established in 2011 to provide funding for the Oklahoma Autism Center (OAC), the Oklahoma Autism Center Foundation has quickly grown to provide increased support for the OAC’s three main programs, Early Access, Early Foundations, and the MESA Project. The Oklahoma Autism Center provides an inclusive pre-school replication model, autism screenings, student internships, and professional development training for public school educators. In 2019, the Foundation completed a ten-year strategic plan for increasing the OAC and OACF’s outreach statewide to meet the growing demand for autism services for both children and adults. For more information about this plan or the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma, visit or

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