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Local and national resource for the life span. If you would like to add your organization to our growing list, please contact us at

Autism Screening

Act early. Don’t wait and see.

Preschool & Early Intervention

Comprehensive intervention using evidence-based strategies.

Professional Development

Building the capacity of public schools to support students with autism.

Free Webinars

Free, on-demand parenting help and virtual learning assistance.

Safer Communities

AFO partners with Oklahoma’s law enforcement agencies to offer interactive events for families to meet their local department’s officials, learn about safety programs, and practice traffic stops. To schedule an event in your community, or learn more about autism training for your police, fire, or first-responder unit, contact us at

Training & Consultation

Are you looking to learn more about autism for your organization? We have several opportunities available and in development at AFO, as well as relationships with community partners that address specific needs. Give us a call with your training or consultation request and we will work with you to meet your need. We look forward to helping you better serve and include individuals with autism in your community!

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