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News Feature: Mustang Fire Department Trained with Sensory Kits to Help People with Autism

By December 13, 2023News

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From News on 6: “The Mustang Fire Department has plenty of tools to help fight fires. But now they have a new resource to help those affected by fires, specifically those who may be overwhelmed by first responders on a scene.

The Autism Foundation of Oklahoma trained Mustang firefighters so that they can help people with autism while they’re out working on the field.

Sometimes it’s hard for first responders to understand what people with autism are going through.

People with autism may be sensitive to noise and touch, so it’s vital that first responders understand their behaviors.

Mustang firefighters are now using sensory kits to improve communication among people with autism.

The Mustang Fire Marshall said the partnership with the Autism Foundation of Oklahoma will help educate first responders.

The sensory kits include noise cancelling headphones and other items, like coloring books and toys for them to keep their patients distracted.

The Autism Foundation of Oklahoma said people with autism are seven times more likely to encounter a first responder than the general population.

So far, the Mustang Fire Department has purchased two sensory kits and they plan on purchasing more.

It is required that all first responders also go through the educational training course before using the kits when they’re out on the field.”


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